The Boogeyman is the main antagonist of Boogeyman (2015 Video Game), and attempts to kill the player each night. The only way for the player to defend themselves against him is by using the flashlight to scare him off.


The Boogeyman is a tall brown monster with glowing white eyes and extremely sharp teeth. He has very long white claws. He is covered in various scars throughout his body.


The Boogeyman attacks the player from four different directions (The Vent, Closet, Under the Bed, etc...). He also possesses the ability to manipulate the environment around the player in order to distract them by making the objects in the room create noise and movement. However, he is afraid of the Player's Flashlight, which will ward him off for small amounts of time.



  • In most legends, the Boogeyman as no actual physical form because he takes on the shape of his prey's worst fear. In this game, however, the Boogeyman has only one physical form.