The second boogeyman is the main antagonist of Boogeyman 2 and the presumed son of the first Boogeyman,it appears to be dressed unlike its "dad" having a hat and clothes and even hair where its original counter part has no clothes at all and also it has no hair.


like its "dad" it has shown to be able to control objects to distract the player,the only thing it cant control seems to be the doll the player has,it also seems to be able to multiply as a boogeyman will both appear at the same time,like its "dad' it appears to be able to move through vents with ease to get to the closet,door,window,and the vent next to the player,it seems to also be able to go under the floor boards like its "dad",it also seems to be able to cut out lights like the fan lights.


on one of the night your dog will come and will act like a warning system to warn you if the boogeyman is coming under the bed and like the first game listen to the sounds the boogeyman produces to hear where he is coming from.


  • This boogeyman appears to look like the boogeyman in the film.
  • it may also represent the feeling of a mysterious person kidnapping you.
    The boogeyman